audaxfemina: (Death Ray)
audaxfemina ([personal profile] audaxfemina) wrote2011-06-02 02:37 pm

The suck.

So, I finally heard back from an application I submitted in December. While there was initial interest, I don't meet their needs at this time. Or vice versa. Either way could be so.

It sucks. It really does, I mean... YES, I'm not quite done with my degree yet, but I thought I'd be closer when I did apply. Maybe next year, once I have my doctorate, I can go back and try to apply again. But this gives me a good opportunity to get more things finished before I do try to get a job with them, to get my finances under more control, to get more job experience, to get a few different adventures under my belt. While I'm disappointed, it's not like this door is closed forever.

Maybe someday I'll get that job.